New products

  • MICRA 150MICRA 150 new series

    MICRA 150 is a single-room heat recovery unit. It is designed to provide the ideal single-room ventilation of social and commercial premises, flats and cottages. MICRA 150 is the most suitable solution for arrangement of ready-made and refurbished premises. It  has easy mounting without air ducts.

  • VK...U seriesVK...U series new series *

    The VENTS VK...U fans offer high performance ventilation in medium to high demand systems. Maximum capacity - 871 CFM.

  • VKPF seriesVKPF series new series

    VKPF fans are specially designed for extract and input ventilation and are perfect air movement solution for areas with tight spaces. Maximum capacity - up to 205 CFM.

Garage kits

Garage ventilation kits

Garage ventilation solutions

Exhaust gases, fumes, dust, smell, paint vapors and harmful substances, which can pose significant risks to human health. Installation of high quality and reliable exhaust ventilation in your garage will significantly reduce the presence of harmful substances, dampness and moisture.


  • resistant to harmful environment
  • removes fumes and vehicle exhaust
  • cost-effective way of mechanical ventilation
  • high efficient, polluted air extraction
  • quiet operation
  • continuous operation
  • suited for simple retrofit or new construction installations
  • easy to install
  • maintenance-free

Your Benefits:

  • clean air
  • no build up of toxic fumes and harmful substances
  • continuos air circulation

Easy Installation

Wall-through application

Ceiling mounting