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  • MICRA 150MICRA 150 new series

    MICRA 150 is a single-room heat recovery unit. It is designed to provide the ideal single-room ventilation of social and commercial premises, flats and cottages. MICRA 150 is the most suitable solution for arrangement of ready-made and refurbished premises. It  has easy mounting without air ducts.

  • VK...U seriesVK...U series new series *

    The VENTS VK...U fans offer high performance ventilation in medium to high demand systems. Maximum capacity - 871 CFM.

  • VKPF seriesVKPF series new series

    VKPF fans are specially designed for extract and input ventilation and are perfect air movement solution for areas with tight spaces. Maximum capacity - up to 205 CFM.

TwinFresh Comfo RA1-50-2

TwinFresh Comfo RA1-50-2

Single Room ERV units. Maximum capacity - 32 CFM.

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  • TwinFresh Comfo RA1-50-2

    TwinFresh Comfo RA1-50-2

  • TwinFresh Comfo RA1-50-2

    TwinFresh Comfo RA1-50-2

    Maximum capacity - 32 CFM.

The Most Innovative Ventilation for Buildings under Construction and Renovation
Replace Your Mechanical Ventilation with TwinFresh Comfo

Ventilation Application example based on TwinFresh Comfo

One TwinFresh unit can serve rooms up to 343 SQ.FT

To arrange a ventilation system based on TwinFresh Comfo ventilators, install one unit in each room. For larger premises, install two ventilators. Each ventilation unit is controlled independenly so you may adjust a ventilation mode for each room considering the individual preferences.

Air flows from one room to another through door grilles, openings or halls and ensures required circulation in premises.

Efficient Energy Recovery Ventilation in Winter and Summer

TwinFresh Comfo vs regular ERV


Pending patent on ceramic ERV core:
– Apparent Recovery Effectiveness is ≤90%
– Recovers heat and moisture to reduce heating costs in winter and air conditioning costs in summer EC-motor
– Eficacy 5.7 CFM/W – Twice as high as the Energy Star requirement
– Wishper quiet operation, as low as 0.2 SONES
Aluminium or stainless steel outer hood:
– Modern design that fits any interior and exterior.
– 100% corrosion proof.
Plug-&-Play installation:
– No special skills required
– No balancing needed
– Through the wall installation. Compact unit design
Multifunctional Wireless Remote Control
Almost no maintenance required
– Washable filter and core.
MERV6 air purification
Antibacterial treatment of ERV core and filters

TwinFresh Comfo design

TwinFresh Comfo control and operation modes

Operation of TwinFresh Comfo Ventilators

The ventilator is designed for both extract and supply ventilation with energy recovery function.

  • CYCLE I. While warm, stale air is extracted from a room it passes through the ceramic energy core where the heat and moisture is being accumulated. After the ceramic core heats up, the ventilator automatically switches to supply mode.
  • CYCLE II. As the clean, fresh air from outside passes through the ceramic energy core, it absorbs moisture and it warms up to room temperature due to to the accumulated heat. As temperature of the accumulator drops down, the fan switches to extract mode and the cycle is renewed. The ventilator changes its operation mode for supply or extract ventilation every 70 seconds.


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