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  • MICRA 150MICRA 150 new series

    MICRA 150 is a single-room heat recovery unit. It is designed to provide the ideal single-room ventilation of social and commercial premises, flats and cottages. MICRA 150 is the most suitable solution for arrangement of ready-made and refurbished premises. It  has easy mounting without air ducts.

  • VK...U seriesVK...U series new series *

    The VENTS VK...U fans offer high performance ventilation in medium to high demand systems. Maximum capacity - 871 CFM.

Frigate HRV 120R, ERV 120R

Frigate HRV 120R, ERV 120R

Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators are the complete whole house ventilation system designed to bring a continuous supply of fresh air into the house while exhausting an equal amount of stale air.

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  • Frigate HRV 120R

    Frigate HRV 120R

    Frigate ERV 120R

    Frigate ERV 120R

  • Frigate HRV 120R

    Frigate HRV 120R

    Maximum capacity - 146 CFM.

    Frigate ERV 120R

    Frigate ERV 120R

    Maximum capacity - 140 CFM.


  • 142 CFM airflow rate provides effective ventilation in apartment overcoming high pressure in condo tower duct systems.
  • Cross flow core ensures up to 63% SRE.
  • Slim casing design (9 1/16”) is perfect for in-ceiling installation.
  • Build in control board enables Supply and Exhaust fan independent speed adjustment from 0 to 100% right at the job side.
  • Fast and simple mounting process thanks to brackets system.
  • Automatic recirculation damper (R option) for effective cold protection.
  • No drain needed (ERV).

  • Steel casing is covered with high-quality multilayer aluminium and zinc alloy to prevent corrosion. The casing is equipped with a switch to turn the ventilator off when the service panel is opened.

  • Washable MERV 6 air filters in exhaust and supply air streams.
  • Optional supply: anti grease aluminum filter.
Defrost system

  • Defrost system is activated when the outdoor temperature falls below 23° F (-5° C).
  • Recirculation defrost HRV/ERV 120R.
  • Fan stop defrost HRV/ERV 120.

The unit incorporates an integrated automation and control system with following functions:

  • Operation mode switch.
  • Airflow balancing enabled by supply and exhaust fan independent speed adjustment from 0 to 100% (percentage is displayed on built in screen).
  • Automatic recovery core frost protection.
  • External control device connection (up to 5 at the same time).
Heat recovery core

  • Aluminum cross-flow core (HRV 120 (R)) ensures efficient heat recovery.

  • Enthalpic core (ERV 120 (R)) provides both heat&humidity recovery. For enthalpic core no drain required.


  • The unit is equipped with supply and exhaust centrifugal fans with forward curved blades and build-in thermal overheating protection with automatic restart. The electric motors and impellers are dynamically balanced.

  • 5 year warranty

  • Due to low height of the casing the units offer perfect solution for the false ceiling installation in limited space.
  • Brackets system makes mounting process easy and fast.


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