2015-04-06 - Satisfying the Dire Need of Ventilators in Kyrgyz Secondary Real Estate

GipProfi, the exclusive partner of VENTS in the Kyrgyz Republic, took part in a major international exposition BishkekBuild held from 25 through 27 March in the Kyrgyz capital of Bishkek.

Staying committed to partner support our company holds annual workshops dedicated to the new additions to VENTS ventilation equipment range. This time an expert VENTS engineer covered the implementation of a decentralized ventilation system. The workshop topic was chosen specifically to cater for the recent surge of interest towards decentralized ventilation solutions among Kyrgyz consumers. Such interest is largely caused by the antiquated design of the old buildings where ventilation systems are often damaged beyond repair or fail to meet modern standards.

To address the specific demands of the markets our partners presented a select range of VENTS ventilation equipment and its cynosure the new TwinFresh Comfo single-room ventilators. TwinFresh ventilators combine simplified installation, modern design and high performance as well as meet most exacting customers expectations with regards to energy efficiency.

As usual VENTS stays ahead of the game offering solutions which follow the latest consumer market trends.