2016-05-24 - VENTS partner JULIEN STILE attends ROMTHERM 2016 expo

JULIEN STILE company which rebranded into JULIEN EXPERT in 2014 has been an exclusive distributor of VENTS products in Romania for over 10 years. JULIEN EXPERT offers a wide range of domestic and industrial fans providing optimum solutions for flats, countryside residences, restaurants, offices, car parks as well as does customs projects developed to order.

In April our partners once again showcased the latest energy-saving technology offerings from VENTS at ROMTHERM 2016 expo in Bucharest the international exhibition for installation, cooling and air conditioning equipment. The exhibitors had a great chance to present their latest technology, build up their existing partnerships with the distributors and connect with prospective clients from worldwide.

The booths followed the main trends of the HVACR industry such as the focus on green technology and reliance of alternative energy sources introducing the guests to innovative energy-efficient solutions.

The JULIEN EXPERT put a spotlight on single-space heat recovery ventilation equipment for residential and commercial spaces. In particular, the company brought the MICRA 60 and MICRA 150 E air handling units which provide supply, filtration and pre-heating of fresh air and stale air extraction. In addition to that the units help achieve a balanced humidity level in the serviced spaces. Due to the use of EC motors the efficiency of the units reaches a staggering 79-92%. This amazing performance is combined with a compact footprint, silent operation and easy installation while requiring no air ducting. The guests also had a keen interest in the TwinFresh single-space ventilators with ceramic energy accumulators designed for continuous operation which helps recycle 90% of the heat. The units require only 5 W while the contemporary fascia design is aimed to match a wide range of interior designs.