2016-11-03 - Latest ventilation solutions by VENTS for Central Asia

In the first two weeks of September VENTILATION SYSTEMS took part in Aquatherm Almaty 2016, a large international exhibition which attracts major HVAC industry players from Kazakhstan and abroad.

had already earned the status of a regular participant of Aquatherm Almaty so its name did not require an special introduction. The keen interest to this years exhibition was due to the current situation in Kazakhstans construction sector which has been showing unprecedented growth in the recent years. For example, the production growth by the industry in Quarter 1 of 2016 reached a record-breaking 55% compared to last years figures. Over the period of one year the share of construction in the countrys GDP increased from 7% to 9 %. Such dynamics of the construction sector growth has caused a considerable movement in the HVAC market.

This year VENTS brought a host of its latest offerings to Aquatherm Almaty including energy-efficient solutions for general dilution and smoke ventilation of large facilities. Such approach was mainly due to a rapid growth in commercial development in the region as well as introduction of more stringent energy-efficiency standards for existing and newly-erected buildings within the framework of Kazakhstan 2050 strategy being implemented nationwide. The visitors of the company booth were offered hands-on experience with the AirVENTS air handling unit, VENTS VPVO medium-pressure axial fan, VENTS VKDV roof-mounted smoke extraction fan as well as with a variety of fire dampers.

AirVENTS air handling units
provide an all-in-one solution for a fully-equipped ventilation system with heat recovery suitable for large spaces and multi-storey buildings. The air capacity of such units reaches 128,000 m3/h. VKDV and VPVO fans offer extreme efficiency smoke extraction from industrial, public, residential and administrative spaces in case of a fire. VENTS VKDV fans are used for mechanical extraction of smoke and hot fumes with simultaneous transfer heat outside the serviced spaces. The fans are capable of moving very large amounts of air containing smoke and air mixtures at the maximum temperature of +600 C for two hours. VENTS VPVO fans are intended for creating air pressure differential in stairway enclosures, airlock vestibules and lift shafts helps to prevent the spreading of smoke and protect the people using evacuation routes from carbon monoxide poisoning.

As usual, taking part in this years Aquatherm Almaty 2016 exhibition helped VENTILATION SYSTEMS reinforce its presence in the local HVAC market and establish about 150 new contacts with prospective partners across the various areas of the companys business.