2016-11-24 - VENTS-US becomes a part of Blauberg Group

VENTS-US is pleased to announce that we have become part of Blauberg Group, comprised of highly accredited and experienced professional companies around the world. Production capacities of Blauberg Group consist of 7 manufacturing facilities of ventilation equipment and accessories as well as 23 representative offices in 15 countries. The Blauberg Group products are sold in 105 countries.

Each of the Member companies continues to provide their products and services as an independent entity and with their expertise and extensive experience bring added value to Blauberg Group.

Being part of Blauberg Group allows VENTS-US to expand its product range with high quality, innovative and energy efficient ventilation solutions that answers the highest and most sophisticated customer demands.

About Blauberg Group

Nowadays, Blauberg Group consists of a number of companies including Blauberg Ventilatoren, Zern Engineering, VENTS, Black Orchid and Blauberg Motoren. Over 3500 people are employed within the partner companies.

Blauberg Group has 25 years' experience in the production of high quality, innovative and energy-efficient ventilation products. Residential, commercial and industrial ventilation fans, heat and energy recovery ventilators, motors, ventilation accessories and customized ventilation solutions can be all found within Blauberg Group's product assortment.