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  • MICRA 150MICRA 150 new series

    MICRA 150 is a single-room heat recovery unit. It is designed to provide the ideal single-room ventilation of social and commercial premises, flats and cottages. MICRA 150 is the most suitable solution for arrangement of ready-made and refurbished premises. It  has easy mounting without air ducts.

  • VK...U seriesVK...U series new series *

    The VENTS VK...U fans offer high performance ventilation in medium to high demand systems. Maximum capacity - 871 CFM.

2017-09-19 - Harnessing the latest ventilation trends

In the first days of September VENTILATION SYSTEMS headed to Almaty to attend the 10th Anniversary AquaTherm Almaty 2017 international expo setting a hot pace to the fall season of 2017. This event has already been on VENTS calendar for a few years due to the tremendous potential of the local HVAC market.

The construction market in Kazakhstan has been steadily growing, and this year is no exception. For example, 305 blocks of flats were commissioned just in the first four months of this year which amounts to a 35% increment over the same period of 2016. Such a growth of the construction sector has also given a strong impetus to the market of ventilation and air conditioning systems.

VENTS at Aquatherm Almaty 2017

This years VENTS showroom at AquaTherm Almaty 2017 included a number of cutting-edge solutions for general dilution and smoke ventilation of large facilities as well as a host of consumer products. The vehement demand for high-performance energy-efficient ventilation units and fire-protection ventilation systems has been driven by fast-paced erection of commercial property in the country and the adoption of more stringent regulations to the energy-efficiency of existing buildings. No wonder that AirVENTS air handling unit, VPVO pressurisation fan and JAF axial jet fan stirred such an interest and remained among visitors favourites throughout the event.


The visitors also gave a fair bit of attention to the more conventional ventilation solutions for residential buildings. The numerous guests of the booth praised the new Wave, Flip and Solid domestic fans along with the already popular Quiet and Quietline fans for high-quality construction and well-thought design. As usual a lot of attention was given to heat recovery ventilators which this time included the TwinFresh Comfo and Solo models.

VENTS domestic fansVENTS TwinFresh Comfo

Taking part in AquaTherm Almaty 2017 provided an excellent opportunity to solidify the companys positions in the regional market of ventilation and air conditioning systems and make new exciting contacts with potential partners.

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