Series Vents DVUT HB EC

Series Vents DVUT HB EC - DVUT - Single-room HRV / ERV
Floor-mounted single-room air handling units in a heat and sound-insulated casing
  • Motor type: EC
  • Bypass
  • BMS protocol: ModBus
  • Control: Smartphone
  • Humidity sensor
The DVUT HB EC and DVUE HB EC air handling units are intended for single-room ventilation of schools, 
offices and other public and commercial spaces.
These air handling units do not require a duct system and provide a simple
yet efficient ventilation solution for newly built and renovated spaces.
  • Efficient supply and exhaust ventilation of individual spaces.
  • Modification with an enthalpy heat exchanger available.
  • Low-energy EC fans.
  • Low noise operation (1.6 Sones).
  • Supply air purification by means of two built-in MERV8 and MERV14 filters with the option of carbon or HEPA filters.
  • Simple installation.
  • Contemporary design.

Air dampers

Supply and exhaust dampers are closed automatically while the unit is off to prevent drafts.

Air filtration

Supply air purification is provided by MERV8 and MERV14 panel filters (PM2.5 > 75%). To meet more stringent air quality requirements the unit can be upgraded with carbon MERV14 filter and HEPA filter (PM2.5 > 95 %) (purchased separately).

Extract air is purified by a panel MERV8 filter.


The units feature high-performance, electronically commutated (EC), external rotor motors with forward curved blades. These state-of-the-art units offer excellent energy efficiency. In addition to that, EC motors combine high performance and optimum control over the entire speed range. EC motors have an excellent power efficiency (up to 90 %).


The units are equipped with a summer bypass function.

Heat exchanger

The DVUT units feature a counter-flow heat exchanger made of polystyrene or aluminium.

The heat from the extract air is transferred to the supply air via the heat exchanger which greatly helps reduce ventilation heat losses.

This can lead to formation of condensate that is collected in a special drain pan and discharged into the sewage system.

In warm weather, the unit can either be used in its summer bypass mode (fresh intake air is directly supplied to the room, bypassing the heat exchanger and not coming in contact with warm extract air) or, if air conditioning is being used, the extract air will cool the heat exchanger and bring fresh air at the same temperature as the air-conditioned air that is being extracted.

Operating principle
Warm, stale air passes through the filter and the heat exchanger and is then extracted outdoors through the wall duct by the centrifugal extract fan. The heat from this extracted air is transferred to the heat exchanger.
Cold outdoor air passes through the filters and the heat exchanger and then is supplied by means of the centrifugal supply fan. This air is warmed by the heat exchanger allowing the supply of fresh air whilst maintaining the areas temperature.

Unit control and operation

Freeze protection

In units without an electric preheater the supply fan is shut down automatically, using the feedback from the e xtract air temperature sensor, to let the warm extract air thaw the heat exchanger. The supply fan then re-activates and the unit reverts to normal operation.


The units may have a built-in or remote control panel.

There are three types of control panels available.



Built-in control panel+++
Remote control panel+
Humidity sensor

СО2 sensor


Speed setting in the 0 to 100 % range+++
Bypass controlManualAutomaticAutomatic
Filter maintenance warning+++
Alarm indication+++
Timer operation-++
Weekly schedule operation-++
Supply air temperature setting-++
+ – Available; – Optional; - – Not available.
Lineup Vents DVUT HB EC Maximum performance @0.1", CFM Control system Control Sound pressure level LpA at 10 ft
188 A21 Smartphone
341 A21 Smartphone
DVUT 500 HB EC specification 2023-07
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DVUT 300 HB EC specification 2023-07
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ETL Certification mark for DVUT
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DVUT HB EC and DVUE HB EC leaflet 2023-07
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DVUT HB EC and DVUE HB EC user's manual
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