Series Vents FBK (rectangular)

Series Vents FBK (rectangular) - For Rectangular Ducts - Filter Boxes
Bag filters

  • Bag type air filters are applied for supply air and sometimes for exhaust air purification in rectangular duct ventilating and conditioning systems. They serve to protect air ducts, heat exchangers, control equipment and other ventilating equipment against dusting. The filters minimize wall and ceiling pollution near the air diffuser. Coarse filters can be used as first stage purification filters before more efficient filters.


  • Mounting is performed by means of flange connection. The air flow direction shall match the pointer direction on the filter. Both horizontal and vertical installation is possible. In case of vertical installation the air shall be streamed downwards in such a way as to avoid the bag crumpling. Access for the fan maintenance shall be provided for the filter cleaning or replacement.

  • The casing is made of galvanized steel. The swingout cover equipped with lever locks provides easy and quick access to the replaceable filtering element. The pocket-type filtering element is made of non-woven synthetic fibrous fabric and is fixed on the steel frame.
  • The filters are available in MERV 8, MERV 10, MERV 13 filtering classes.

Replaceable filter SFK

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FBK (rectangular) leaflet 2020-06
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