Series Vents MV 120 J

Series Vents MV 120 J - Plastic - Grilles
Plastic gravity grilles
  • Four-louver design provides excellent air exhaust characteristics.
  • The grilles are suitable for inside or outside mounting. Hidden screws provide seamless design.
  • Ideal for dryer venting and for kitchen and bath fan exhausts.
  • Lightweight louvers allow the airflow to pass through with minimum air resistance. Backflow control eliminates the entry of insects or other wild life. Removable louvers allow easy cleaning.
  • Available in colors indicated in the color chart.
  • Easy screw mounting.
  • Grilles are manufactured of ABS plastic (flame rating – 5VA).

MV 120 J

  • Contains no collar, the vent hood mounts on the wall with screws

MV 120 VJ

  • The grille is compatible with 5” diameter duct

MV 120 VNJ

  • Supplied with round flange that connects to various diameter ducts such as 3 15/16”, 4 5/16”, 4”, and 5 1/8”

MV 120 J specification 2023-07
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MV 120 J leaflet 2023-07
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MV 100 J / MV 120 J installation guide
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