Series Vents VCN Kit

Series Vents VCN Kit - Garage - Ventilation Kits
VCN Kit is Recommended for garages up to 280 sq.feet. The powerful centrifugal fan is installed on the external wall and exhausts polluted air outside
Exhaust gases, fumes, dust, smell, paint vapors and harmful substances, which can pose significant risks to human health. Installation of high quality and reliable exhaust ventilation in your garage will significantly reduce the presence of harmful substances, dampness and moisture.
DANGER! High concentration of exhaust gases and chemical evaporations can lead to death in premises with no ventilation.
DANGER! No ventilation indoors can cause humidity level increasing and condensate formation that are perfect for mold, rot and fungus occurrence. Mold and fungus adversely affect human health and spoil stuff.

Effective Ventilation

Easy installation

Wall-through application

Ceiling mounting

Garage ventilation kits specification 2023-07
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Garage ventilation kits leaflet 2023-07
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