Series Vents VUT VB EC

Series Vents VUT VB EC - VUT - Residential HRV / ERV
The air-handling units are the fully featured ventilation units with heat recovery for air filtration, fresh air supply and stale air extract. During operation the extract air heat is transferred to the supply air stream by the highly efficient plate heat exchanger
  • Motor type: EC
  • Bypass
  • Control: Smartphone
  • Humidity sensor
  • Reheater: Optional
  • Preheater: Optional
  • BMS protocol: ModBus


  • Made of high-quality polymer coated steel, internally filled with 1 9⁄16” (depending on the unit model) mineral wool layer for heat and sound insulation.


  • The units are equipped with high-efficient EC motors with an external rotor and a centrifugal impeller with backward curved blades. These state-of-the-art motors are the most advanced solution in energy efficiency today.
  • EC motors are characterised with high performance and optimum control across the entire speed range. In addition to that, the efficiency of the electronically commutated motor reaches very impressive levels of up to 90 %.


  • Supply and exhaust air is purified in panel filters with filtering class MERV8 and MERV13, respectively.


  • The VUT VB EC units are equipped with a bypass for summer ventilation (air cooling by the cool air from outside).


  • The VUT VB EC A21 are equipped with a built-in automation system. The remote control panel is not included in the delivery set (available separately). To control the unit via Wi-Fi, download the VENTS AHU mobile app.

Heat exchanger

  • The VUT VB EC units are equipped with a counter-flow polystyrene heat exchanger.
  • In the cold season the extract air heat is captured and transferred to the supply air stream which reduces the ventilation-generated heat losses. This can lead to formation of condensate that is collected in a special drain pan and discharged into the sewage system.
  • In the warm season the ambient air heat is transferred to the exhaust air stream. This allows for a considerable reduction of the supply air temperature which, in turn, reduces the air conditioning load.

Lineup Vents VUT VB EC Control system Reheater Preheater BMS protocol
A21 Optional Optional ModBus
VUT 350 VB EC specification
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VUT (VUE) VB 350 EC - photo
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