• VK...U series

    VK...U series

    The VENTS VK...U fans offer high performance ventilation in medium to high demand systems. Maximum capacity - 871 CFM.

  • VK PS series

    VK PS series

    The VENTS VK PS Series dryer booster fan has been specially designed to solve dryer vent problems where more airflow is needed. Maximum capacity - 317 CFM.

  • MICRA 150

    MICRA 150

    MICRA 150 is a single-room heat recovery unit. It is designed to provide the ideal single-room ventilation of social and commercial premises, flats and cottages. MICRA 150 is the most suitable solution for arrangement of ready-made and refurbished premises. It  has easy mounting without air ducts.

  • VKPF series

    VKPF series

    VKPF fans are specially designed for extract and input ventilation and are perfect air movement solution for areas with tight spaces. Maximum capacity - up to 205 CFM.

Fresh, clean air and a comfortable environment are two things that no one should be without, whether in your home or business. The importance of Ventilation cannot be understated.

VENTS is one of the world's leading Residential and Commercial Ventilation products Manufacturer and Supplier. Whether you or your business is in need of ventilation products for residential or commercial applications, including supply and exhaust applications that require powerful airflow, VENTS has got you covered.

VENTS Ventilation products include mixed flow in-line fans, in-line centrifugal fans, centrifugal exterior fans and axial fans. We also carry destratification fans, heat recovery units, air distribution products, ventilation kits, accessories and more.

You can rest easy knowing that VENTS is responsible for the whole production cycle. 99% of its products are manufactured at one of our many facilities; there are no subcontractors. These are products you can trust and rely on.

Contact us today with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!