Series Vents FB K2

Series Vents FB K2 - For Round Ducts - Filter Boxes
Sound-insulated centrifugal fans with filters

  • The best ventilation solution for premises with high requirements to clean air and the noise level. Filters are designed for use in supply ventilation and conditioning systems.
  • Compatible with Ø 4” up to 8” round air ducts.
  • Suitable for limited mounting space.


  • Corrosion resistant casing made of polymer coated steel. Easy access for filter replacement.


  • The compact design offers the ideal mounting solutions for limited mounting space, including suspended ceiling mounting. Wall or ceiling mounting is performed by means of the supplied mounting brackets. Filters can be installed in any position.

Air filtration

  • Built-in filters provide efficient air filtration. Up to three filters can be installed into the casing.
  • MERV8 filter provides primary filtration. At the second stage, the secondary filter MERV14 or HEPA filter H13 (HEPA type C) can be installed. MERV14 filter arrests up to 98 % of PM 2.5 dust particles. HEPA Filter H13 (HEPA type C) arrest up to 99 % of PM 2.5 dust particles, pollen and bacteria. For additional removal of unwanted odours and gases, it is possible to install a carbon filter. The casing incorporates a service panel for quick access to the filters.
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FB K2 leaflet 2020-06
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