Series Vents JAF

Series Vents JAF - Axial Jet Fans - Car Park Ventilation & Smoke Extract
Axial jet fans with fire resistance 200 °C/2 hrs, 300 °C/2 hrs, 400 °C/2 hrs for ventilation of covered parkings. Functionality. Power. Efficiency

  • JAF jet axial fans are designed for general purpose ventilation of underground and semiopened parkings, ventilation of tunnels, smoke extraction in case of fire as a part of smoke extract system. The fans generate a high-speed and high-pressure directed air jet.


  • Unidirectional single-speed type (U).
  • Unidirectional double-speed type (U).
  • Reversible single-speed (R).
  • Reversible double-speed (R).


  • JAF casing has a tubular shape and is made of polymer coated steel. The fan has a sound insulation of mineral wool. The casing includes inner brackets for motor fixation. These brackets act as directing vanes and distribute air flow uniformly, thus increasing aerodynamic performances of the fan.

  • Three-phase asynchronous short-circuit rotor motor in the fan casing.
  • Motor ingress protection rating is IP55.
  • The motor design ensures operation of the fan in the smoke extract systems on unidirectional and reverse modes.


  • Dynamically balanced impeller made of cast aluminium alloy. The reversible fans are equipped with 100 % reversible two-directional impeller.


  • JAF fans are designed for horizontal ceiling mounting and fixation by means of the supplied fixing brackets attached to the fan casing.
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