Series Vents KSV Duo

Series Vents KSV Duo - Centrifugal - Inline Fans
Sound-insulated centrifugal fans with filters. Designed for integration into supply and exhaust, ventilation systems requiring high cleaning of intake air, low-noise operation and limited mounting space
  • Motor type: AC
  • Impeller type: Centrifugal backward curved blades

Air flow: up to 371 CFM

Power: from 32 W

Noise level: 0.25 Sones

Compatible with Ø 4” up to 8” round air ducts


  • The casing is made of polymer coated steel, internally lined with sound-insulating layer. Power is supplied through the terminal box inside of the casing. The fan design provides convenient maintenance access to the internal parts and filter replacement.

Air filtration

  • Built-in filters provide efficient air filtration. Up to three filters can be installed into the casing.
  • MERV8 filter provides primary filtration. At the second stage, the secondary filter MERV14 or HEPA filter H13 (HEPA type C) can be installed. MERV14 filter arrests up to 98 % of PM 2.5 dust particles. HEPA Filter H13 (HEPA type C) arrest up to 99 % of PM 2.5 dust particles, pollen and bacteria. For additional removal of unwanted odours and gases, it is possible to install a carbon filter. The casing incorporates a service panel for quick access to the filters.


  • The single-speed models are equipped with a fourpole asynchronous electric external rotor motors and centrifugal impellers with forward curved blades. The impellers are dynamically balanced. The motors are compatible with power mains frequency 60 Hz. The double-speed models (Duo) are equipped with asynchronous electric external rotor motors and centrifugal impellers with forward curved blades. Double-speed control. The ball bearings enable a long operating life. The motors are equipped with an integrated overheating protection with automatic restart. The motor protection class is IP44.


  • The fans are compatible with round air ducts. The use of flexible connectors requires fixation of the fan on the building structure by means of the supplied mounting brackets. The fan can be installed in any position (including suspended ceiling mounting), taking into account the air flow direction indicated by the arrow on the fan casing.
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