Series Vents Micra 60

Series Vents Micra 60 - Micra - Single-room HRV / ERV
MICRA 60 is a single room heat recovery ventilator suitable for larger rooms, such as apartments or small commercial places. No need to connect to air ducts. It provides a great solution for simple and efficient single room heat recovery applications.
  • Motor type: EC
  • Bypass
  • Humidity sensor
  • Efficient heat recovery ventilation for separate rooms
  • Energy recovery efficiency is 79%.
  • EC-motor
  • Three operating modes

  • Silent operation (0.38 – 1.0 Sones)
  • Air cleaning with two MERV8 built-in filters
  • Easy mounting
  • Suitable for continuous operation

Casing (1)

Polymer coated metal casing contains 9/16” thermal and sound insulating layer. The modern unit design matches any interior. Easy access to service the unit, to change or replace filter. Air is supplied to the room and exhausted outside through two 5” air ducts.

Air filtration (2)

Two built in MERV8 filters ensure the filtration of supply and extract air. The filters purify the air by removing contaminants, particles and prevent dust from entering the house.

Motor (3)

Axial fans are powered by energy-efficient EC-motors. The motors are equipped with built-in thermal overheating protection and ball bearings for longer service life.

Heat recovery core (4)

The ventilator is equipped with a high-tech plate counter-flow aluminium heat recovery core. Energy recovery efficiency is 79%. Using the MICRA in both cooling and heating seasons results in considerable energy savings.

Freeze protection

Micra 60 includes a special thermostat, which prevents condensation from freezing.

Control unit (5)

The unit has integrated protection to safeguard the motor and circuit board against voltage jumps, short circuit or electrical overloads.

Control and operation modes

Automatic system enables three operation modes:

  1. Supply and exhaust ventilation at minimum air capacity 17.7 CFM and minimum noise level 0.38 Sones.
  2. Supply and exhaust ventilation at medium air capacity 26.5 CFM and minimum noise level 0.42 Sones.
  3. Supply and exhaust ventilation at medium air capacity 35.3 CFM and minimum noise level 1.0 Sones.

How it works

Micra 60 exhausts stale air outdoors and draws in fresh air to replace it while the heat transfers from the outgoing air to warm up the incoming air. Warm stale air from the room moves through the filter and core and then is exhausted outside. The intake and extract airflows are fully separated.

Installation sample
Lineup Vents Micra 60 Rated power, W Maximum performance @0.1", CFM rotation speed at 60hz Mounting type Humidity sensor Sound pressure level LpA at 10 ft
15.4 35.3 2685 Wall
ETL Certification mark for Frigate, Brig, Micra 60, VUT
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Micra 60 specification 2023-07
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Micra 60 leaflet 2023-07
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Micra 60 installation guide
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Micra 60 user's manual
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