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Series Vents pGDe - Controls - Controls for HRV / ERV
The pGD terminals are not simply displays that show data, but rather are an integral part of a complete solution: pCO sistema
performance at competitive costs

The pGD0 and pGD1 series is the first family of interfaces with graphic LCD to be designed for the pCO sistema controllers.

The interfaces offer great versatility and extensive customisation opportunities, while maintaining a high aesthetic standard.

When designing these instruments, CAREL focused special attention on the simplicity of programming and the quality of performance.

pGD0 and pGD1 are graphic displays with 120x32 pixel and 132x64 pixel resolution respectively, and can display graphic symbols of different sizes and in the main international alphabets, such as Greek, Chinese, Cyrillic and Scandinavian languages.

pGD0 is completely compatible with the software developed for the CAREL 4x20 displays.

Application examples

The pGD terminals are not simply displays that show data, but rather are an integral part of a complete solution: pCO sistema. This is the result of CAREL’s extensive experience in the design and production of programmable controllers for HVAC/R units, and includes not only the programmable controllers, but also user interfaces, serial communication boards and a vast library of standard applications, as well as software tools for customising the applications.

pLAN network

All the controllers can be connected without additional boards to the pLAN networks, thus allowing the data and information to be exchanged.

Consequently, a distributed control system for the optimised management of the installation can be created in a simple and reliable manner. The pLAN network is used to manage a series of pCO controllers with just one shared terminal.

International alphabets

The graphic LCD and EasyTools programming environment allow management of the main international alphabets (Russian, Greek, Scandinavian languages and Chinese) and the display of simple graphic objects.

The exceptional index of protection (IP65) and the wide range of operating temperatures (-10T60°C) ensure a high standard of safety against the elements.

The different assembly solutions (wall-mounting or built-in), the plastic frame and the customisable window, ensure flexibility and reduced costs even for small quantities.

Area controller

The first pCO controller manages the chiller/HP, while the second exclusively manages the fan coil (area controller).

The two controllers exchange data via the pLAN, while the fan coil is connected across the CANbus network.

The area controller, using the pGD2 or pGD3, is designed for a user-friendly and elegant graphic interface.

Hardware architecture

Each pCO board connected to the network can manage a series of terminals at the same time (max. 3).

The values are displayed on the terminals simultaneously.

Each terminal associated with a board can be defined as private or shared.

Private, if it exclusively displays the values from a specific pCO controller; shared if either automatically or from the keypad it can be switched between various pCO controllers.

Each controller constantly updates the display on the private terminals, while the shared terminals are only updated only if the pCO controller in question has control over the terminal at that moment.

In the example, the shared terminal is associated with 4 pCO controllers, however currently only controller 1 can display data and receive commands.

The terminal is switched between the different controllers cyclically either by pressing a predefined button, or automatically. In the latter case, in fact, a pCO controller can request control over the shared terminal to display new alarms or, vice-versa, give up control to the next pCO after a preset time.

BacklightingGreen LED
Touch screen
Index of protectionIP65
Built-in assembly
Temperature range (°C)-10T60
Accepts oriental languages
Programmable fonts
Bold, italic, underline
Programmable icons
Animated icons
External membrane keypad
Available in pCOI plastic casepGD¹-i
Compatibility with:
 for versions PGD0000*Z0, PGD1000*Z0 only and pGD-I version
* only for the panel mounting version
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