Series Vents R-1/010

Series Vents R-1/010 - Controls - Controls for HRV / ERV
Applied for smooth speed control of EC motors with the control input 0-10 V

Design and control

The controller casing is made of plastic. Switching ON/OFF is effected by means of control knob rotation. The control range starts from the minimum possible value and includes the maximum possible values.


The controller is designed for indoor mounting into special surface mounting (MKN-3) or flush mounting (MKV-4) junction box (under separate order) or into standard round electric junction boxes.
Controller wiring diagram

Mounting junction box

MKN-3 (for surface mounting)

MKV-4 (for flush mounting)

Lineup Vents R-1/010
R-1/010 leaflet 2019-10
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